PTSD Treatment

PTSD Treatment in Tampa, FL

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that you may develop after going through a traumatic, frightening, or life-threatening event. You don’t have to have been directly involved. Just the shock of witnessing the event may have been enough to trigger the symptoms of PTSD.

Despite how grim the future may look with PTSD, know that you are never beyond hope for recovery. There are lots of options, both old and new, for treatment that may help you find relief from your symptoms.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

The symptoms of PTSD usually start up within a month of the original traumatic event, but in some cases may not appear until even years after the event happened. There are many symptoms, but they generally fall into one of the four categories:

PTSD Treatment

Ketamine, first developed and approved by the FDA as an anesthetic, is a promising new innovation in the field of anxiety treatment. Research indicates ketamine may be an important new treatment for PTSD.

Frequently Asked Questions About PTSD

PTSD varies greatly between cases, and is often misunderstood and incorrectly portrayed by society at large. Here are some pertinent facts about PTSD you may not have been aware of.

- Unwanted memories of the traumatic event
- Flashbacks to the event
- Nightmares or dreams about the event
- Emotional or physical distress about things that remind you of the event
- Refusing to think or talk about the event
- Going out of your way to avoid things or places that remind you of the event
- Negative thoughts
- Hopelessness
- Memory problems
- Social withdrawal
- Loss of interest in hobbies
- Being startled easily
- Always feeling on guard
- Self-destructive behavior
- Difficulty sleeping
- Difficulty concentrating
- Angry outbursts

Treatments for PTSD

PTSD can be treated through a variety of medical treatments, antidepressants, lifestyle changes, and home remedies.

We Can Help!

if you or perhaps a loved one is struggling with severe anxiety, and other PTSD treatment methods have failed to help, then ketamine is a viable treatment option for you.


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