What Is Postpartum Depression? - Greater Wellness Clinics

What Is Postpartum Depression?

You gave birth recently, you’re tired and irritable all the time, and you’re questioning if you’re even a good mom. Your family relationships have suffered, and your sleeping and eating habits have gotten worse. You may be experiencing the first signs of postpartum depression, which actually affects more than just moms.
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Help for Suicidal Ideation In FL - Greater Wellness Clinic

What Is Passive Suicidal Ideation?

People who’re depressed or suffering from a mental illness may talk about suicide and dream of taking their own lives, but only a small percentage of U.S. residents actually follow through with the deed. Talking about suicide but not having a plan to follow through is called passive suicidal ideation.
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The Effect Of Social Anxiety On Public Speaking - Tampa, FL

The Effect Of Social Anxiety On Public Speaking

You’re thinking about a career as a teacher because you love kids and are passionate about certain subjects. There’s one problem: you have intense fear when it comes to public speaking and aren’t sure you can talk to a room full of kids every day. You may be suffering from social anxiety.
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Helping Someone With Bipolar Disorder in Tampa - Florida

Bipolar Disorder Vs. Borderline Personality Disorder

“Life is turbulent and changing moods can often be a natural response to stressful situations,” according to Frank Yeomans, M.D., Ph.D., director of training at the New York-Presbyterian Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center. He says extreme mood shifts could be signs of serious mental health conditions requiring immediate care.
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Helping Someone With Anxiety Attacks In Tampa, Florida

How Long Will My Anxiety Attacks Last?

According to some reports, 40 million people in the U.S. experience anxiety at least once in their lives, opening the floodgates of a potential anxiety or panic attack. You may be hit by fear or a sensation of losing control, but therapy and medicine like ketamine may control the symptoms.
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